Acoustik Audiobooks

What is an Acoustik Audiobook?

Acoustik Audiobooks are digital versions of audiobooks that can be played on mobile devices.

How do I buy an Acoustik Audiobook from the store?

Find the audiobook of your choice, then click the "Buy Now" button on the product page. Enter your credit card information to complete your purchase. Your new audiobook will be waiting for you in your Acoustik App Library.

If you haven't already created a store account, you will be asked to do so before you can complete your purchase. NOTE: You must use the same username and password for your store account as for your Acoustik App account in order for your audiobooks to appear in your library.

Do I need a special device to listen to my Acoustik Audiobook?

No. You can download the free Acoustik App app to any mobile device and listen.

Have you installed the FREE Acoustik App? Download it now.

How do I listen to an Acoustik Audiobook?

First, buy or download a free Acoustik audiobook.
Second, open the Acoustik App and download your audiobook into your Library.
Third, click the play button and listen.

Have you installed the FREE Acoustik App? Download it now.

Why do I need and Acoustik account?

The Acoustik account is created for the Acoustik App and is needed to determine the library used for your audiobook purchase. If you already have an Acoustik account we will link to it for you. If you do not have an account you need to create one.

The Acoustik audiobooks I have purchased do not appear in my Library. What can I do?

Check that your username and password are the same username and password you used on the store website to purchase your Acoustik audiobook. They must be identical for your audiobooks to appear in your library.

How can I get help with downloading or listening to my Acoustik audiobook?

We have customer service representatives available from 9 AM to 7 PM EST Monday-Friday. Please call 1-800-538-1271 for assistance. For general inquiries at any time, please send an email to

I can't log into my account. What can I do?

From within the Acoustik App, click the "Login" button. Click the "Forgot Your Password?" link to have your password sent to your email address.

From the store website, click "Sign In" and enter your email address under "Forgot your password?" to have your password sent to your email address.

If I downloaded other Acoustik Audiobooks, will my previously purchased books be available to read?

Yes, if you use the same username and password you have used for other Acoustik audiobooks, your previous purchases will appear in your library.

Does it work on 3G or 4G network or does it need WiFi?

Audiobooks tend to be large files. You can download smaller audiobooks via a 3G/4G connection (20MB or smaller), but we suggest downloading the content to devices using a Wi-Fi connection, simply for speed and to manage your data usage from your mobile carrier.

How long does it take to download an audiobook?

Downloading audiobook content depends on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the file.

Can I preorder audiobook titles with Acoustik?

Yes. Acoustik will deliver pre-ordered titles to your mobile device and automatically make them available for download on the release date.

Can I remove audiobooks from my mobile device?

Yes. You have complete control of the audiobooks that have been downloaded to your mobile device. You can even archive titles after you have listened to them, so the title is still in your library but removed from the device. The title can be re-downloaded at any time.

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Updated 5/10/2013.